Simple Nail Designs

22 Jun

Women always love to look beautiful and now with simple nail designs they can get all over into being fashionable. The colder months are the right time when women love addressing their nails the most. This is because the cold air makes the skin dry. So they begin with applying lotions and women who are ambitious, consider nail designs. They take care of the season and also wish to look outstanding in a crowd.

Choosing simple nail designs you can experiment with bolder and darker colors. In the colder months these look ornate, fun and ostentatious. You can base your designs on different color schemes or themes. It can be in green, red or monochromatic blues for the festive season such as Christmas. You can use light colors as well with dark shade at the tip.

Applying simple nail designs is applicable even to the toenails. You can paint it black and give some nail patterns by applying simple stripes or dot in different colors. These nail designs and patterns are simple and look generously beautiful. If you apply something in glittering colors or shades you can be the center of attention.

Applying two half colors to your nails looks attractive and gives you a chance to try something abstract. It is easy and you can create your own design. The trick is to have dark and light color in combination. You can apply gel nails that are effective and also last for nearly 3 weeks. It needs UV light to dry, but is worth trying for events.