Shellac Nails

22 Jun

The durable and finished fingernails are best for the use of shellac nail polishes. However, it is not suggested to use if you have splitting or damaged nails. The finish of shellac gel lasts for numerous months. Though, it can last for a month but the growth of nails requires a visit of salon. You nails can get chipped due to having different chemical in shellac nail polishes. Shellac nails are popular due to their durability. Many girls prefer these nail polishes due to this reason. However, it also requires extra care to keep your nails healthier. Therefore, girls use different home remedies to keep nails healthier.

It is highly suggested to remove the shellac nails polish carefully. You can remove it by using simple nail polish remover but the protection of cuticles and nails is necessary as well. Using remover without soaking your nails in acetone’s solution damages the top thin layer of your nails. Therefore, it’ll be better to visit a salon for the removal of shellac nails polish from nails. Though, it looks so beautiful on nails but also require too much care as well. You should rub garlic on your nails to keep them strong after removing shellac nail polish. The price of shellac nail paints is higher as compared to other nail colors. It is not quite easy to apply such nail paint on nails by yourself. Therefore, you’ll have to learn it or pay a visit to salon every time for removal or change of nail color.