Nail Polish

22 Jun

Nail polish is used to color your nails using nail paints. Nails polishes come with the variety of colors. The nail paints are being made by adding glitters and shiner. These days, the large variety of nail polishes makes us confuse about what to buy and what not. Many famous brands of nail polishes are easily available with some higher price as compared to other brands. The proper way of applying nail polish is given below:

  • First of all, clean your nails by using cotton and rose water. When the nails get dry, it’s time to apply nail paint.
  • Color the whole nail in three steps. Start from one corner and then apply on the central part. Afterwards, apply nail color on the last corner.
  • Don’t apply multiple layers on one surface. It looks weird. The multiple layers can be easily scratched from the nails. Therefore, apply thin layers over the nails.
  • When the nail paint gets dried, it’s time to apply nail shiner over the nails. It gives shine to the nails and enhances the color as well.
  • If you’ve applied the nail paint in the surrounding area of nail, you should use nail polish remover over that area.

This way of applying nail polish on the nails would be very helpful for you. You should also share this way with your friends to apply nail paints. With this procedure, your nails can get beautiful and attractive look as well. In this way, your hands can become center of attraction in any event.