Nail Art

22 Jun

It is not an easy task to make different designs on nails using nail colors. However, some people are very expert and perform this task perfectly. The beautiful nail art made by the experts make us surprise and attract every girl towards them. It is not difficult to learn how to use nail colors to make an eye-grabbing nails art. Take a look at some tips to become a nails art expert.

  • You must know about the proper way of holding brush to draw attractive designs over nails. To make beautiful nail art, it is necessary to hold the brush in a correct way.
  • Don’t take lots of nail paint on the brush. Lots of nail paint can’t help you to make any design on the nail rather than polka dots design.
  • If you want to use different colors in one design, you should wait for each color to get dry and then apply the other on nails.
  • It is suggested to use thin brush to make detailed designs on nails. Thick brushes never help to create such kind of designs.
  • If you want to have shiny design on nails, you should use transparent nail shiner on nails after making a design.

All of the above mentioned tips would definitely help you to make eye-grabbing nails art. You can be a nails art expert by following such tips during the practice. Once you learn the techniques of applying nail colors to create different designs, you’ll be able to make various designs without any assistance.