Easy Nail Designs

22 Jun

Nail art is very popular and many girls and women consider it the best fashion. From celebrities to trendsetters, sporting fingernail art is considered very special. Be it a cool graphic pattern or some intricate embellished nail matching the outfit, everything looks fabulous. However, having beautiful, healthy and trendy nails ensures more self confidence and this offers an ego boost for women. Today there are several nail art patterns and easy nail designs to choose from.

Newbie’s may find it difficult to try some complicated nail designs. So it is best to try simple designs that are no way exhausting and look encouraging. Some of the easy nail designs are:

Non-colored stripes: Begin by nail whitened, use dark polish and draw heavy stripes in the center of your nail. Then use a black polish and draw a slimmer black line across the nail sides. This is a simple and easy design.

Polka Dot Tip: This is also one of the easy nail designs. First step is to pain your nail black, then color the tip with white French tip and use a tool to draw black dots.

Monochrome Prints: In this color your nail white, use a dotting tools and black nail enamel to draw the foot prints using dots. Use black nail varnish for three dots as ‘paw’ and a tiny dotting tool.

Wild nail design: Apply black color, use dotting tool and make large dots using white nail varnish. Use black polish and produce small size dots using the dotting tool.