Easy Nail Art

22 Jun

Many ladies desiring for beautifully styled nails now are ready to make a beeline for nail art salons. This may be costly and inconvenient as you have to gone to the salon and sit for the intricate procedure to take place, which means it involves time and effort, besides can be expensive.

Fortunately now women can beautify their nails as easy nail art is obtainable in the nail wraps form. In fact, these are wonderful solutions adding the oomph factor to your nails, besides highlighting your fashion sense. You can do this right from your own home conveniently.

Applying nail wraps is very easy and you can do this by following simple instructions.

  • First make sure you have trimmed and neat nails. Ascertain your cuticles and nails are clean.
  • However, clean your nails using alcohol and push back if there are cuticles.
  • Unwrap the nail wraps and match it to your fingernails or even toenails.
  • Peel the first nail wrap , turn on the blow dryer such that you set it to medium speed. Now, warm the wrap for mere 15 seconds and it becomes pliable.
  • Apply it to your nail immediately, once the wrap is soft and pliable. Apply uniform pressure in the edges and gently seal the wrap around the cuticle.
  • Use scissors and file your nail and cut if anything is in excess. Ensure the application is done neatly.
  • Lastly use the blow dryer and ensure it is fit. Repeat the same process for each nail.