Pretty Nails

22 Jun

What do you mean when you talk about pretty nails? Only nail art can make your nails prettier or using multiple nail colors can only give a better look to your nails. Well, certainly not! Nail art is mostly for teenagers and younger girls but when you talk about elder girls hey would want something decent. Mostly it depends on the kind of place you go for work/ study every day. A student might go for a funky look whereas a working woman would want something more sober

So how do you get pretty nails? Well there isn’t much to be done if you regularly take care of your nails. Here some simple tips to keep your nails pretty:

  • Keep them trimmed and clean. You can cut your nails differently giving them square, circular or pointy look. This doesn’t necessarily mean you keep short nails. Toe nails are usually neglected, don’t do that! Toner can also be used to keep the nails and skin neat and clean.
  • A French manicure could be a great idea. With making a white line on the nails and then applying buffer shiner. This could last for days.
  • Long nails, even though not really in fashion, can be kept nicely by applying a simple nail polish. Key to pretty nails is that you just make sure they look fresh and the paint starts to worn off, apply another coat if you don’t have time.
  • Nowadays, matte nail polishes (blue,white,balck) on short square nails looks very trendy!