Nail Design Ideas

22 Jun

These are more like different patterns that can give your nails a very different look. Here are some nail design ideas:

Create your own nail polish: Take a matte nail color and mix it up with a silver eye shadow to it and apply it!

Black n White: Apply white nail polish. Grab a black nail color and make an S shaped outline with it and now fill one side with black. Repeat this on other nails and there you have a very sexy black n white nail design.

Zigzag pattern: This also one of the sexy nail design ideas that we are going to tell you about. Make a zigzag pattern at the nail bed with a golden nail color. Paint rest of the nail with black or whatever color you want.

Half white and half red: As the name tells, you have two colors on your each nail covering almost the same area. Just divide your nail in two halves diagonally using either red or white.

One side of the line should be filled with red and the other with white. Repeat this one other nails making sure you don’t change the sides of both the colors. You can also use any combination of nail colors if you want to.

The graffiti look: two nail colors may be used in graffiti like pattern

Hearts and simple dots can be made on the corners of the nail after you have applied a nail color. This wont really take much of your time, have fun!