Nail Art Ideas

22 Jun

There are so many different types of artistic things you can do to your nails to make them look fancy. Here are some household things that can be used for nail art, have a look!

  • Use a loofah: This one of the nail art ideas which can give a two tone look to your nails. For example, apply black color on your nails and then when it dries up, put a loofah/net over your nail and paint it with silver. This can turn out to give a very funky look to your nails.
  • Use a bobby pin: Yes, they can also be used for nail art. Apply blue nail polish on your nails and then use the bulge of the open ended side to make dots with black or whatever color you want to and tadaaa. It can also be used to give polka dot effect at the distal end of your nail.
  • Use a crumpled up plastic: For base, apply any color on your nails. Then, preferably, paint a lighter and shiner color on the plastic. Plastic is then pressed onto the nails like a stamp. This is one of the nail art ideas which will give a very subtle look.
  • Use a sponge: After you have applied a base color, use a sponge to give it double tone effect.
  • Use a Cotton bud: Well if you apply white base color and then use multiple cotton buds to creat a haphazard pattern with different colors, they could give a very colorful look to your nails.

Making flowers and fruits on your nails would add to your summery look nowadays!