Gel Nails

22 Jun

Gel nails are a type of artificial nails that is being made from hard gel. Though, it look like made from plastic but the gel passes from many processes to get hard for making such nails. The Light Emitting Diode and Ultra- Violet Light are being used to convert liquid gel into hard material for making artificial nails. Due to the use of gel in their manufacturing, these nails look shinier than other kind of artificial nails. You won’t believe that these are artificial nails after using them once on the nails. From the last few years, these fake nails are considered as most exciting beauty innovation. All the famous salons prefer using this type of artificial nails over others due to their close-to-real look.

Unlike acrylics, gel nails don’t get damaged easily. The process of pasting them is similar to acrylic nails but you’ll find their look more natural on hands. With so many benefits, you’ll have to spend some extra money to get these nails. Gel nails are pricier than silks and acrylics. Therefore, many girls don’t try them at home and prefer to visit a nail technician for pasting them properly. Learning about how to use them at home is not a rocket science. You can even learn the detailed procedures through online tutorials. In this way, you won’t need to spend money on nail art courses. Most of the people think that pasting fake nails is quite easy task. It is not true because a little mistake won’t give a natural look to your nails.