Gel Nail Polish

22 Jun

Gel nail polish is highly popular as now the manicure world is revolutionized. There are beautiful and striking gel nail designs that are stunning and you are sure to fall in love. The results of this polish are pleasing that you will have an urge to keep trying new and more gel designs. In fact, gel nail art that is the simplest also looks amazing and is worth the effort.

Gel nail polish is a type of polish that is between artificial acrylic nails and regular nail polishes. The beauty is that it looks the best when applied even like any regular nail polish. However, it needs to be cured under UV light. The advantage of this curing is that it stays for a longer period of time. Hence these gel nails are famous as they are highly durable.

The application of the gel nail polish may vary from salon to salon, though the basic procedures are the same. The nails are cleaned and shaped, prior to the base coat of gel is applied. This is done to ensure there is a smooth finish. Later, multiple color coats are applied and are set with UV light for nearly three minutes. After this process, a top coat is applied and is also cured in the similar style using the UV light. This completes the manicure brilliance.

The gel nail polish has an added advantage of strengthening your nails and is an ideal alternative to artificial nails. There are more creative ideas and interesting designs ensuring fabulous manicure.