French Manicure

22 Jun

Manicure is a best way to pamper your hands by cleaning them gently. It is best way to increase the blood circulation of your hands and to clean them as well. The manicure styles differ as per the regions. Like many other styles, French manicure has got immense popularity among girls due to their superb result. The hands not only look beautiful but also don’t require repetitive visits of salons. Once you take French manicure, you can easily spend a whole month without getting any manicure treatment. for the French manicure, you must have small brush, nail polish remover, nails guides/tapes, transparent nail shiner, nail polish color A for the tip, color B for the remaining nails and nail file. The process of performing this manicure at home is given below:

  • First of all, make a proper shape of all the nails. Afterwards, wash your hands and give a gentle massage to hands. You can use any good hand cream or cleanser to remove all the dirt easily.
  • Clean the hands from cotton and apply rose water.
  • File and trim the nails. Focus on the tip as well as sides of nails.
  • To get rid of any residue left by filing the nails, you need to wash the hands again.
  • Apply the nail color A on the tips of your nails and wait until they get dry.
  • Finally, apply the color B on the rest of nails.

This simple process would make you able to perform French manicure at home without wasting your hard-earned money on salon.