Diamond Nails

22 Jun

Diamond Nails is a revolution in the field of nail care as it contains the hardest substance, the jewel, the real diamonds. It contributes to overall beauty and better nail health. These nails do not dry out and so grow strong and long. Precisely, it is the safest way to grow glamorous, beautiful finger nails.

Diamond nails are an acrylic form. The advantage of it is that they are durable and very strong like acrylic. It also has very less odor. it can be applied to your nails by brushing a glue of resin on the nails and then the nail is dipped in the diamond powder.

It is virtually odorless and for the glue to dry, the catalyst spray is used. In fact, they can be applied over any plastic tip or over natural nails. Diamond nails may be worn without or with polish. It can also be removed easily without causing any stress or strain by using 100% acetone. They cause no damage to your original nails even when it is removed. It actually comes off like acrylic nails.

The diamond nails are very expensive in comparison to all others such as Gel Nails, Solar Nails or Crystal Nails. This is because they are absolutely hard like diamonds. In fact, the gel nails are strong, but are also flexible naturally. They also stay well manicured for a longer time after application. This is the reason gel nails is preferred as it comes cheaper and stays for a longer time.